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Volunteer, Photographer, and Life Coach in Flagstaff, Arizona

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LIGHT RANCH MISSION, a non-profit for distributions of FREE Food and Essentials to Native Elders and their Families who need


Light Ranch Mission, started doing distributions of Food and Clothing, and other Essentials for the surrounding Native community in need since January of 2020. Our main focus has been to help Native Elders and their families. Many of these elders and their families have no running water or electricity to their homes. Due to their resilience, kindness, and humble nature they may not ask for help. Through our distribution events, we have had others come to either our Mission location or Hank’s Trading Post on Highway 89 for logistical reasons and the ability to help more people at once. We have also had some limited opportunities to make direct deliveries with the help of Volunteers. We are seeking help to grow our resources to expand our Food Ministries and the ability to deliver more food and essentials to those in need, not excluding Native families living in remote areas. We have had many kind and gracious people in the community who have helped us in this effort. We would like to expand our delivery outreach, with our main focus on families in remote areas, within a 50 mile radius such as Grey Mountain, Little Colorado River, Black Falls, and Grand Falls. Our purpose of the Light Ranch is to provide support of essentials to Native Elders of our nearby communities and to spread a message of hope to help lift their spirits during difficult times. We are also offering our "Friends for Light" Donors the opportunity to join us on a "Hope Adventure" in Navajo land with one of our our Native guides. Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about our Mission and our purpose to serve others. We feel blessed to do our part, together becoming stronger and more hopeful.

TO DONATE Adopt a Native Elder by making a financial contribution. We thank you!



Light Ranch Corporation

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THE FOUNDERS, "Coming from a successful career and renowned life in art, we mutually share our love for this beautiful land of healing power and for the beloved relationships with the Native people, is why we took our leap of faith to move out here adjacent to the Navajo Reservation. This is the motivation behind our business endeavors and its mission of serving others"

-LightHunter and Morgan


28284 N US HWY 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004