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LIGHT RANCH MISSION, is a public charitable non-profit organization that provides distributions of FREE Food and Essentials to Native Elders and their Families who need. They started doing distributions in 2020. Last year at the Light Ranch, with the help of their Agency Partnership of St. Mary’s Food Bank, served over 500 families each month averaging 80,000 pounds of food and essentials. They are rapidly becoming the largest and closest food bank to Native communities in Northern Arizona struggling with food insecurities. The Light Ranch is seeking to grow their resources so that they can expand their Food Ministries to those also living in remote areas of difficult access. Including Native Elders and their families who have no running water or electricity in their homes. Due to their resilience, kindness, and humble nature they may not ask for any help.

“Five years ago my husband Light Hunter, formerly more known as Fatali, a world renowned photographer, and I moved from Utah to Arizona to reunite Light Hunter’s relationship with the land and his beloved friendships with Native Americans. When he was a teenager, the Navajo welcomed Light Hunter, his Native given reborn name, to their sacred places to provide ceremonies to help him cope during his sufferings of grief from losing his mother to cancer. He has gained a deep spiritual connection and respect for the Native Americans way of life with an infinite gratitude for the love they shared to him during his most vulnerable time. Over the years visiting them in their lands he has seen their own struggles and needs. Soon after, Light Hunter founded the Light Ranch Mission. It was an eye opener to witness continued struggles of the Natives, as they would describe themselves to us as the forgotten people."

Light Ranch Corporation is exempt from federal income under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)3, a non-profit organization operated by volunteers.

Light Ranch Mission is also an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization QCO Code is: 22474


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